02.07.2008   WORLD DOG SHOW-2008 IN SWEDEN

  News  WORLD DOG SHOW-2008 IN SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                   pomeranian   Dan-Star-Kom Ganetta JUNIOR  CHAMPION OF WORLD   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!                       


                                        DAN - STAR - KOM  ASSOL TIP-TOP     CW, CAC, CHAMPION SWEDEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                           

          BEST IN SHOW PAIR-1 JOLVIN OPALINE OF  SWEET AS SUGAR and Jan-Shars Trump Card  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Domaren / Judge Agnes Kertes Ganami: It was a very easy choise, because they are so uniform. Still, it's clear who is the bitch and who is the dog. They are nice movers and well-presented - they make a good couple. 
This big, big event is wonderful! You can feel the care, the thought behind everything, every detail is taken care of. It is very well organized!

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